February 2016 – We’re happy to announce that there will some gigs around England in 2016. Details to follow.

Stand Up and Spit was a series of gigs, exhibitions and talks in 2015. We’ve also been researching Ranting poetry and Ranting poets. We’ve uploaded interviews, pictures, records, badges and all the bits and pieces that made us such unruly youngsters.

We’ll also be looking at young poets in their own sweariness and how Ranting’s vibrancy thrives in todays spoken word, or not.

Stand Up and Spit gigs rocked London in 2015.
SUS flyer A5 amended 24.03.15-page-002

You could buy tickets here

All material here is for historical purposes and for educational fair use. Stand Up and Spit do not own all copyright and any publishers that ask we’ll take what they object to off the site.


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