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Brixton Burns

The 1981 Brixton riot as reported in the NME, 18 April, 1981.
The ’81 riots had a widespread impact across the country.


Frank Bruno

Heavyweight Frank Bruno was certainly a household name in the 80s and a nice bloke too. He talks to the NME, 29 January, 1983.

The Left In The 80s

‘Can the aspirations of young hearts, meaning those of us who still believe in a peaceful world, in sharing of wealth, in love, tolerance, liberty, imagination, a scaling down of brutality, unbridled art and sex…can we and our ideals somehow get plugged into Government?’
So the NME, 22 May, 1982, asks.

JG Ballard

Dystopian sci-fi author, JG Ballard interviewed in the NME, 22 October, 1983. He was an influence on bands as diverse as Joy Division, the Buggles and Madonna, including Grace Jones. High Rise is a personal favourite of mine.
When they were children he was interned along with Peter Wyngarde by the Japanese during the war.