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Porky the Poet – Grunting Poet

Porky is a poet and mate I’ve been gigging with since 1983. We’ve seen a lot of bands together, done a lot of turns together, been the Redskins horn section (without horns) and even Billy Bragg’s keyboard stand on several occasions and it’s always been fun. Porky moved from poetry into music and comedy, then came back to poetry. He’s a hard gigging lad: pubs, gigs, festivals, standing on the street and yelling at Tories. His poetry is humorous and has an edge to it. He frequently finds space at his own gigs for up and coming poets and is a lover of all things joyous.
Here’re some pics of the lad in action from the 80s.

Porky the Poet


Porky Joe

with Joe on the Casio

porky Joe casio

Porky guitar

Porky Poet 2

The Ruts

NME, 14th June 1980

Not strictly ranting poetry; but it’s the Ruts! They were one of the most intelligent and powerful of the punk bands and they cut some kicking reggae too. They were dynamic live and it’s a real tragedy Malcom Owen died so young, he died a month after this was published on 14th July, 1980.


Skinhead Poem by Colin Hankey

Back In No Time At All

Doesn’t matter how old I get
The feeling remains the same
As I stand up and step out of the barbers chair
Looking sharp again.
A cheeky look at myself in the mirror,
As I wipe the loose hair from my face and neck
Other hand already reaching for my wallet
To pay the Barbers fee.

Sideburns tidy
Neck still smarting
From the cutthroat razor shave
I feel whole again, redefined
renewed, alive and brave.
The loose change rattles
as the till drawer opens
and the barber names his price
I leave the usual tip
and he gives the usual wave
as I head towards the door.

Out on the pavement I stop and smile
at the Barber Surgeons pole
I’ll be back in no time,
of that you can be sure

Colin Hankey

trimWee boys in Glasgow 1972