Censorship At Channel 4

Channel 4’s yoof TV show Whatever You Want is censored by the network for a film involving the Redskins’ Chris Dean about union bureaucrats exasperating youth unemployment, as reported in the NME, 29 January, 1982.


The Brain Is The Target

Now and then the door opens so slowly and you
enter. You are wearing a lily-white suit and linen
shoes. You bend, you tenderly put 72 coppers in my palm
and you leave. I have remained in the place you left me
so that you will find me again. But a long time must
have passed because my nails have grown and my friends
are scared of me. I cook potatoes every day, I have lost
my imagination and when I hear “Katerina” I get scared.
I think I have to give someone away.
I have kept some newspaper clippings with someone they
said was you. I know the newspapaers are lying, as
they wrote that they shot you in the leg.
I know they never aim at the legs.
The brain is the Target.
Hold it together, ok?

Katerina Gogou

Katerina Gogou (1940-1993) was a Greek anarchist poet. Many of her poems appeared in the Greek film ‘Parangelia’ about the life of Nikos Koemtzis who, in 1973, killed three individuals (two of whom were policemen) and injured another eight at a bouzouki club in Athens over a dance.

The Politics Of Pose

Fascinating write up of Soho’s Le Beat Route club, it’s a snapshot of the moment for particular people, from the NME, 22 May, 1982. This seems to be the 80s that’s been mythologised whilst those of us on football terraces, listening to Eek A Mouse, the Partisans, and not in the frilly shirts seem to have been forgotten. Again.

Libertarian Alliance

There was an alt-right before the internet too, and just a twatty then. This look at right wing libertarian anarchists, ‘The faith of the ‘rightist’ libertarian is the intrinsic ‘logic’ of the free market.’ The NME, 30 January, 1982 finds out more at the HQ of the Libertarian Alliance.