Dread Beat?

NME, 5th December, 1981

Dread Broadcasting Corporation, London’s top ranking black pirate radio station, has changed frequencies – from 214 metres am to 92.8 fm – following a raid by Telecom officials and police. Two transmitters were seized, and the two DJs present, Dr Watt and Papa Lepke, were cautioned and told the case will be taken before a Home Office committee to decide.
It later transpired that Sunday 22 was a crackdown day, and several other London pirate outfits were busted.
Should the affair go to court, which seems very likely, DBC’s operators are determined to make it a test case. Lepke commented: “Our immediate aim is to continue broadcasting, then to extend our airtime and programme format to cover all aspects of black culture. But between now and when we go to court, we are trying to get as much support as we can in the form of petitions, letters of support and media coverage. We have also started a defence fund from donations, the sale of DBC merchandise and benefit dances to help with the cost of the court case.”
Letters of support, donations or details of goods on sale, will be dealt with at Rebel Radio, c/o Better Badges, 286 Portobello Road, London W10.



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