Salena Godden – Joe

Salena Godden is one of Britain’s most popular live poets, and rightly so. She’s been gigging since the early 90s and has crafted a distinctive style all her own. She’s funny, direct, sexy and always warm. She’s someone who makes things happen. Fabulous things.
There’s plenty of Salena at her website – here


Joe was a black man. Joe was a big fat black man. Joe was gay. He was a big and a black and a fat and a gay. He was black and gay and fat and black and a man and a gay and did I mention that he was black? Did you know he was gay? He was the blackest gay man you ever saw. His skin was black and his hair was black and his eyes were black too. And he was gay, so gay, he was the biggest gay ever, he was so very gay. Sometimes he had gay thoughts and sometimes he had black thoughts. Sometimes he had thoughts that were both black and gay at the same time. He wore clothes that were gay and he wore clothes that were black. He wore make up like a gay, he wore false eyelashes and big black manicured eyebrows. For breakfast he ate loads and that is because he was a fat. He ate black people food like curried goat and jerk chicken. And he ate gay food like rice cakes and soufflé. But because he was fat he probably had chips too. Loads of chips. Joe had sex with his big black hands and his big black lips and his big black cock. He had bum sex, because he was a gay. Joe liked to have sex with other men, because he was gay. Sometimes he had sex with other big black gay fat men, because he was a gay. This was his life. There is nothing more to say. He was a gay. He was a black. He was a fat. He was a man. That is all I am going to give you, because that is all you fucking care about. That is all that you want to know about Joe, the surface is all you care about. You won’t listen if I try to tell you the story of his birth, the way he grew and blossomed and found peace. How he fulfilled his dreams or how he saved a life, his kindness, his intelligence, his heart and his soul, his unique and individual magic. Because you won’t give a flying fuck. You just don’t care. If I told you any of that all you’ll be thinking about is his colour, his fatness and his sexual proclivities. Yes you will. Don’t fucking lie. If I sat here and tried to describe Joe, his brilliance, his genius, his humanity, his participation, the story of his life on earth… All you’ll be thinking about is a picture of a huge fat black gay man called Joe, dancing in his bedroom, covered in glitter, huffing poppers, wearing pink high heels, with his massive juicy erect black cock throbbing in his hand and a huge pink vibrating dildo in his arse. You fucking idiots. You are missing out on everything.

Salena Godden



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