Guvnor’s Man

Guvnor’s Man

He’ll soon be the manager soon be the boss
Nobody likes him but does he give a toss?
He’s the one watching you all through the day
Instructing the guvnor to docket your pay

In every morning, before the hour of eight
Waiting at the door to see who is late
Telling the guvnor what he wants to hear
Knowing that promotion is now very near

His life is not boring, he loves his job
Don’t wanna go out drinking with the mob
They’re late back from lunch, he knows they’ll get caught
No time for dinner, the day is too short

Never stops watching you wherever you may roam
Even so far as to follow you home
Push, push, push he’s gonna go far
Guvnor’s boy, soon have a company car

Guvnor, Guvnor, Guvnor’s man ,
Don’t you know you’ve got a losing hand?
Don’t you realise you’re out on your own?
And who’s gonna protect your on your way home?

The Comrade 1981

I read this in the poetry ‘zine Another Day, Another Word by Scouse skinhead Mick Turpin. It was also a track on the Carry On Oi! album from that same year.


3 thoughts on “Guvnor’s Man

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